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TRC Workshop Teaching Resources for Faculty: Home

This guide highlights resources that supplement Teaching Resource Center Workshops.

What Happening in Higher Ed?

As often as we can, we'll post links to information about innovative, controversial or just plain interesting things going on in higher education. Check back to see what we are thinking about...

Top Education Databases

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LB2300-2430  Higher education

LB2326.4-2330  Institutions of higher education

  Teaching personnel

LB2341  Supervision and administration. Business management


LB2371-2372  Graduate education

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Use these subject headings in the library catalog and in WorldCat:

College Teaching

Education, Higher

Educational Evaluation

Grading and Marking

VITAL: Valparaiso University Institute for Teaching and Learning

The Christopher Center is the home of VITAL: Valparaiso University Institute of Teaching and Learning.  VITAL regularly sponsors workshops and other programs to help VU faculty strive for excellence in teaching and promote active learning.

To find out more about VITAL, visit their website or call (219) 548-7756.  


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