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Career Research: Get Started

Resources that will help you build a target list of companies, organizations, or employers; network, prepare for interviews, and negotiate salaries.

Starting Out...

It's tough out there.  Looking for a job can often be more difficult and more time consuming then we first think.  Use this guide to get helpful advice about how to use resources to be successful with your career management.  

Resources listed will help research careers, companies, industries and people.  Resources will also help prepare a resume or cover letter as well as prepare for an informational interview, behavioral interview or a salary negotiation.  


This guide organizes recommended resources for career research -- both for internships and for full-time opportunities.  Whether building a target lists of companies, preparing for interviews, or researching companies, industries, non-profits, or positions, research will play an integral part in your career success.  Click on the tabs above to get started.

These resource lists are not meant to be exhaustive -- they are meant to get you started.  If you don't find the library resource you are seeking within this guide, please don't hesitate to Ask Us!  If you've got a favorite resource to recommend, email your suggestion to Kim Whalen for consideration.

Also, make sure to tap into all of the resources available through the VU Career Center. Their staff, programs and contacts are invaluable!

Best of luck with your career research!

Find books: From a Citation

Did you find a really good article or book related to your topic?  Make sure to look through the References or Bibliography for other relevant information sources. To learn how to find a book based on a citation found elsewhere, watch the library's "Find a Book from a Citation" video on the library YouTube Channel

Citation Chasing & Hand Searching

Citation Chasing
Did you find a really good article on your topic?  Make sure to look through the References for other relevant article information.  Use the JournaLocator to chase down the articles by the name of the journal, date of publication, volume, issue, and page number.

Want to see the process in action?  Watch the library's "Find an Article from a Citation" video on the library YouTube channel.

Hand Searching
Are there journals that regularly publish articles on your topic?  Or journals that focus on your topic?  Unfortunately, articles might be missed through even the most sophisticated database search.  Handseaching is the process of physically browsing a journal cover-to-cover to locate relevant articles.  Researchers conducting systematic reviews and other in-depth analysis regularly conduct a hand search of key journals as part of their evidence gathering process.

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Off-Campus Access

You can gain off-campus access to the electronic resources (also called databases or journal collections) by clicking on the name of the database you’d like to access, and then logging in using your Valpo e-mail username and password.

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